Saturday, March 30, 2013

Services and Pricing

Initial Search

This service is provided to establish that a person can be identified from the military record. The service is based upon the details provided by the client on our Enquiry Form and must include a first and last name as a minimum. If the person is unable to be identified to the satisfaction of the client further action will not proceed.

NB: Completion of Enquiry Form is necessary before proceeding with any of the services mentioned below. There is no obligation to proceed further if you do not wish to.

Cost - FREE

Budget Search

This will provide approximately 1 hour of research and includes a basic report. This is usually sufficient to provide details of military service, together with some leads to pre war and post war information.

Cost - $88.00 (incl. GST)

Follow-up Search

This service is a good follow-up to the Budget Search and will provide a more in depth study of the subject.

Cost - $176.00 (incl. GST)

Full Search & Report

This is a substantial research project across all resources available to us.  The report will be similar to those that may be seen through the links provided to the Australian Customs Assignment, with the addition of any relevant supporting documents, such as images of the person's service record, Red Cross Wounded & Missing Reports, awards, etc. Your report will be provided in hard copy format, together with a USB thumb drive. 

This report, minus supporting documents but including links, will also be published to the Internet as a community service.

Cost - $385.00 (incl. GST)

Speculative Search 

This service is provided for those clients where insufficient details are available to justify a free Initial Search. The purpose of this search is to endeavour to establish and confirm the identity of a particular individual. For example, your family name may be, say, Jenkins and you think that the family lived in northern NSW. You wish to know if a "Jenkins" who served during WW1 can be found that links with your family. We will try, although it needs to be understood that this is a highly speculative search.  It is most unlikely that we would accept an assignment for very common names (eg Smith or Jones), unless some additional information is available.

We are always happy, however, to offer advice before any commitment is made. Feel free to email us at: 

Cost - $88.00 (incl. GST) 

NB: This provides for a maximum of 1 hour of research.

Service Agreement & Payment

Following the completion of the free Initial Search, you may wish to select one of the above services. We will then send you a Service Agreement Form which will contain options for payment.

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