Thursday, April 11, 2013

Countdown To ANZAC 11 April 1915

Approx. route - Alexandria to Lemnos (Google Earth image)
Today's entry from Jack Reilly:  Bit of a swell on. Feel a bit sick. Making straight for Dardenelles where we are to land & take Constantinople. 

War Diary Entry: Church parade

The Battalion History, however, is a little more forthcoming: "On Sunday, April 11, we were among the islands of the blest (their spelling, ed.) in perfect weather.  War seemed out of place in such a halcyon world.  After church service General Birdwood addressed the troops and told us the job we had before us."

So now they know, a what, a where and, probably, a how.  Yet, sadly, they have no real comprehension of the drama that awaits.  No one has!

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