Friday, April 19, 2013

Countdown To ANZAC 19 April 1915

Battalion Diary, "Men employed in boats all day."

Nothing from Jack Reilly.  His next entry won't be until the 24th of April.

The planning continues. Charles Bean again:  "The northern parties of the 3rd Brigade were to reach and hold Battleship Hill, while the rest of the brigade was to seize outstanding knolls on the ridge from Scrubby Knoll to Gaba Tepe.  Seaplanes had reported that there were gun-emplacements just behind the ridge connecting it with the mainland.  With a formidable position such as this on its flank and rear, the task of the 3rd Brigade would be almost impossible.  Bridges therefore informed Colonel MacLagan (the commander of the 3rd Brigade) that he considered it important to clear Gaba Tepe
and disable any guns upon it.  MacLagan assigned to the first two companies of his right battalion - the 9th - the duty of swinging to their right immediately upon landing, and rushing the battery on the neck of Gaba Tepe, a mile south of the landing place.  The other half of the 9th was to seize a knoll (afterwards known as 'Anderson's Knoll') in the objective ridge a mile due east of the landing place; the 10th to seize a knoll and a redoubt further north on the objective ridge; and the 11th the height (later known as 'Scrubby Knoll') still further on the same ridge, and Battleship Hill on the main ridge near the point where the objective ridge joined it.  The 12th Battalion was to go ashore with the later companies of its three sister battalions, and was to form the immediate reserve of the 9th, 10th and 11th.

The 3rd Brigade was to land, not from its transports, but from three battleships and seven destroyers."

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